Business Planning Series

Entire Business Planning Series (4 courses)

All four Business Planning courses for $120 - you save $20!

Course 1: Business Foundations


Business planning is one of the key differentiators between business success and failure. In this first workshop we discuss the exploration and research that will create the foundation for your business concept.

We will talk about some research tools and techniques that will help you to identify your information needs and to source that data.In Module 1 we lay the foundation: what market research consists of; why it is important; and what the key discovery points are at each research stage that are needed to turn your raw research data into knowledge that you can apply to your business.

The program will provide you with the ability to capture your thoughts and notes in a downloadable business plan outline.

Course 2: Marketing


Once you have collected and interpreted your research data, your next step in the business planning process is to develop a marketing strategy that takes into account all of the knowledge you have gained.

Knowing who your customer is allows you to build your product or service and polish your marketing approach. Planning with this approach will help you to provide the greatest value to your customer. It will help you to establish the proper pricing levels that will appeal to that customer, get your value message out to the customer, and get the product or service to the customer in the most convenient manner.

Marketing decisions have implications for production, operations, administration, finance and future planning. Businesses that are customer-centric are marketing centric. The marketing strategy leads logically to the marketing plan and marketing budget.

The program will provide you with the ability to capture your thoughts and notes in a downloadable business plan outline.

Course 3: Operations


This third module addresses the operations of your business. A well designed operations plan defines all the processes required for a business so that you and your potential employees, if any, will be aware of the tasks that are necessary and the resources that are available to carry out your business activities.

In this module, we will be talking about pricing strategies, systems and processes, equipment, materials and supplies, location, premises and human resource requirements.

In short, everything you need to plan for, on a tactical level, to get your product or service to market, establish and maintain your brand, and run your business on a day to day basis.

The program will provide you with the ability to capture your thoughts and notes in a downloadable business plan outline.

Course 4: Financial Planning


This fourth module is the culmination of our course work and brings all of your decisions to bear on your financial projections. This course segment will help you to answer the very critical question of whether your business in its current form is, in fact, viable.

We will look at some of the risks that you will encounter in your business and some of the contingency plans that you will need to have to consider to overcome those risks. We will take a peek at your future vision for your business and give you the opportunity to revise and rethink some of the important decisions that you have built into your plan in order to achieve that successful future.

The program will provide you with the ability to capture your thoughts and notes in a downloadable business plan outline.

Business Excellence Series

Business "Start-ability"


If you’re a woman starting a business, don’t miss this ‘how to’ session that will give you essential information about tools, techniques, challenges and pitfalls.

Based on our deep knowledge and experience with countless business starts over a 20-year period, this short FREE video from the Women’s Enterprise Centre of Manitoba could save you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

Make all of your mistakes on paper and then go on to be a successful business woman where it really counts.

Business Technology


Technology for small businesses can be as simple as improvements to your website or as complex as implementing a Customer Relations Management (CRM) system.

As a business owner, you likely use many forms of technology but every day hear about new and ‘better’ tools. With so many choices, finding a place to start introducing (and justifying) productive and profit-making technology can be overwhelming. Through our interactions with dozens of our clients, we have developed a straight-forward process to help entrepreneurs see what they have and identify what they need to achieve their business objectives.

During this session, we will deliver an overview of this assessment process. Having a plan will make your future technology decisions simpler and more effective for the health and growth of your business.

Living in the Cloud


If you’ve done any research lately into technology options for your business, or simply viewed an ad for the iPhone 4S which touts iCloud functionality, you may be wondering what this cloud stuff is all about.

In just one session, you will gain insight into overall Cloud technology and learn about innovative and cost-effective ways that your business may be able to benefit from incorporating leading-edge cloud techniques into your technology planning.